Web Developer

htmlSalary: £25,000 – £45,000
Web developers design, build and maintain websites and website applications in line with their clients’ needs.

As a web developer you could work for a variety of businesses and public sector organisations. Examples of the projects you might work on include:

  • creating a secure online shopping website
  • developing a virtual learning environment (VLE) for a college
  • setting up a company intranet for staff.

On a typical project, you would:

  • work with the client, using test sites to see which ideas best suit their needs
  • build the framework – or ‘architecture’ – of the site and add the command buttons, payment systems and video, sound or animation
  • make sure that the new site can be smoothly integrated into the client’s existing network, for instance linking with a customer database
  • work on the site’s appearance, often with a web designer
  • put in measures to deal with user access and security
  • test the site under construction to find and fix any problems – or ‘bugs’ – before it goes live.

Once you have built the site, you may continue to make minor changes to make sure the site is working properly and meets all the client’s requirements. Depending on the contract, you may continue to maintain the site once it is up and running.

Career Entry Requirements

  • Portfolio of 3-4 website projects
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL

With the correct attitude while studying A-level Computing you should be able to enter this profession as a junior developer after school.  A good place to start would be to look at becoming an IT apprentice.  This being said you may wish to consider entering this profession as a graduate developer where you will have a wider choice of jobs.  If this is the case then look for either Web Development Degrees or Computer Science courses with Web Development modules a search may include:

  • University of Southampton – Web Science (AAB)
  • University of Loughborough – Web Development w. Industrial Placement (ABB)
  • University of Hull – Web Design and Development with Industrial Experience (ABB)
  • Sheffield Hallam University - Web Systems Design (BCC)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University – Multimedia and Web Computing (CCC or DDD for Foundation)
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University – Software Engineering with Web Programming (CCC or EE for foundation)