Computing Passport


In the Aldenham School Computing Department we want to support pupils progression after Sixth form and their professional development by ensuring that they have the right set of subject related extra curricular experiences.  This passport can be completed by pupils throughout the school as part of the computing club but is also mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for an IT related course at university.

As such we have created a pupil passport that will ensure that they have the correct range of experiences and that they have the opportunity to share them with other pupils.

The students can print off a passport above (a little bit of cutting and pasting is required to assemble it) or you can ask the head of department for an extra copy.

The passport has the following tasks to complete:

  • Watching computer science related films
  • Reading two computer science books
  • Visiting IT based workplace
  • Completing two work experience placements
  • Keeping a technology blog
  • Attending two lectures
  • Completing an Online Course
  • Finishing an independent programming project