Racing Game Assessment

In this exercise you will write an  algorithm to move a computer opponent through a spiral maze in a racing game.

Task 1

  • Download the scratch program here.
  • Alternatively you can find the file at P:\ICT\KS3\Racing on the school file server.

Task 2

  • Make the computer sprite move through the maze without touching the black lines.
  • You should use a few blocks as possible.


  • A:  You use repeat loops and variables in your code
  • B:  You use repeat loops
  • C:  You move the sprite only using blocks from the motion menu
  • D:  You were unable to complete the task


Add the following features to your code:

  • A timer
  • Vary the speed that the computer opponent travels
  • Make the computer opponent travel more randomly

Print off your algorithm and submit to your teacher.